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Welcome to the West Island Family Dental Centre! We are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of oral health care in a calm, caring and efficient  environment.



We pride ourselves on making your dental visits a pleasant experience. It is of greatest importance for you and your family to have a positive experience at our clinic. 


Our Mission - To provide the highest standard of care, tailored to each individual in a caring, calm and professional environment.

Why West Island Family Dental Centre

Let us brighten your smile!

Highly trained dental team

with over 30 years of dental experience, we provide dental care in all facets of dentistry.

Advanced dental technology

Our clinic is furnished with the state of the art equipment and advanced technology.

Caring Team

Ensuring that you are completely satisfied and taking care of you every step of the way.

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Our Services
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Pediatric Dentistry


Dental treatment for children of all ages. It is recommended that a child's first dental visit is at around 1 year old.

Dental Hygiene


Dental exam and hygiene appointments are the foundation for dental and overall health.

Dental Fillings


Our clinic offers a wide array of fillings, including composite and amalgam, which will repair damaged teeth due to cavities or trauma.

Veneers & Crowns


Repairing and reinforcing discoloured, damaged, cracked and broken teeth.

Emergency Dentistry


In the case of an emergency, such as pain or a broken tooth, we are more than willing to see you at our earliest convenience.

Teeth Whitening


Various teeth whitening options are available as our teeth darken with age, as well as staining due to certain foods and beverages, smoking, some medications and trauma.

Dental Extractions


We strive to save teeth, but if they are too badly broken or infected, they will need to be removed. Once healed your dentist can help you chose the best option for replacement.



Specializing in gums and bones that are the foundation for our teeth. Treatments to keep gums and bone healthy as well as gum surgery and implant placement.

Root Canal Treatments


Treating infected and abscessed teeth.

Bridges & Dental Implants


Replacing missing teeth to rehabilitate your mouth. 

Mouth Guards


Including sports guards and night guards to protect your teeth.

Your perfect smile is just a call away!

Give us a call and let our friendly and experienced staff help you with all the questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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